We are very grateful to everyone who has helped us brighten up the life of our children and young people. Thanks to kind people, we have managed to organise camps for children, Christmas parties for the youngest ones, training sessions and may other events.

The easiest way to support us is to make a donation!

You can find the details our bank account here:

Beneficiary: Seljaajusonga ja Vesipeahaigete Selts MTÜ

Account no.: EE792200221002162602 (Swedbank)

While making your donation, please enter ‘Supporter 2015’ for reference and your company’s or your contact details.

Would you like to support us with a product or service or become a regular sponsor?

Please contact us at info@kelluke.ee or call us at +372 555 77 056

We invite you to support the Kellukene sub-foundation at the Estonian National Culture Foundation.

The Kellukene sub-foundation at the Estonian National Culture Foundation awards grants to young people with spina bifada and hydrocephalus for completing their studies in higher education institutions or for their further education in fine arts and sports.

Beneficiary: Seljaajusonga ja Vesipeahaigete Selts

Account no.: EE672200221001101347 (Swedbank)

Please enter ‘Donation to the Kellukene sub-foundation’ for reference and add your full name, personal identification code, postal address or e-mail so to be sure you will receive confirmation that your donation has reached the right addressee. We would also like to remind you that 5% of your donation will be charged to an income tax incentive.

Our supporters

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