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 June, 2021                                                       Ava originaal leht

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We are pleased to announce our events for June. If you want to attend you can do it by registering in the option that you will find under each one of them.  We’ll be waiting for you!


Accessibility is at the core of our actions so for all our events we provide International interpretation sign and speech to text. For other accessibility requirements you are always welcome to let us know via the registration form.

European Accessibility Summit 2021

Title of the event: European Accessibility Summit. Accessibility and the Future of Work. The rol of digital. 1st and 2nd of June
1-2 June

Organised by the European Disability Forum and sponsored by Microsoft, the Summit aims to raise awareness of the importance of accessible technology in furthering the employment of persons with disabilities in Europe. The virtual 2 day event is being held on Teams for a range of European partners, from the disability community, policy and business sectors.
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ENGO Coordination Meeting

EDF Coordination event
10 June 2:00 pm (CET)

Coordination meeting with EDF and its European Networks EDF members. The meeting serves to discuss EU policies and find sinergies for advocacy, exchange views and update eachother on activities   It is open for all European NGO no matter the membership category they are in.  This meeting has as central topic the Conference on the Future of Europe.
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Workshop on Access to Health

15 June 2:00 pm (CET)

We organise a workshop on access to health by persons with disabilities for our members and members of your  members. This workshop will look into the current situation in the EU and what is needed to ensure better access to quality healthcare for persons with disabilities.

Find details on the Workshop on Access to Health
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EDF European Accessibility Act Peer Support Meeting 2

21 June 2:30 pm (CET)

This will be the 2nd of series of three peer support online meetings on the European Accessibility Act. It will be an informal discussion between EDF members and the representative of the European Commission, and allow disability advocates to raise their concerns, ask questions, and share their experiences at EU-level.

Find details on the Peer Support Meeting of the Accessibility Act
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WAI-Coop First Open Meeting 

Banner with EDF and W3C logos

23 June 2:00 pm (CET)

The Web Accessibility Initiative Communities of Practice project (WAI-CooP Project) invites everyone interested in web accessibility to take part in its first open meeting.

The event is open to all and may be of interest to practitioners from public authorities or the private sector; organisations representing people with disabilities; researchers; product or service providers; training providers, as well as policy makers.

Find more details about the WAI-CooP First Open Meeting

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EDF – ANEC Webinar on Introduction to Standarisation

EDF and ANEC logo
29 June – 3.30 pm (CET)

Despite this importance, standardisation remains a ‘mystery world’ for many persons with disabilities because of its very technical nature, but also because the European standardisation system is not always very transparent and easy to understand.

Given that the European Commission just launched a standardisation request to European standardisation organisations to draft harmonised standards for the European Accessibility Act and that it is crucial for consumers with disabilities to actively engage in this process, EDF and ANEC are holding this introductory webinar to standardisation.

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Other Disability Related Events

Here below find other disability related events, organised by our members or partners thay may interest you. The links will lead you to more details about the event.